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My Stuffs
ask-corruption-alienarmybrat said: "Hey, a friend of mine told me i should come to you if i wanted to try pancakes.."


Yup!! You came to the right person!! I’ll make you all the pancakes you want!!

Anonymous said: What's your favorite hockey team?


I’m so upset at the thought of even choosing!

Anonymous said: Have you or anyone you know ever had encounters with angry geese?


I’ve warned him so many times.


no really i need to know

see? you are cute, no one will laugh at you!
Anonymous said: I would love nothing more than to see you and Matt in speedos posing next to a pool during winter time.


Matt and I always swim one last time before winter really starts! It’s tradition!

Anonymous said: What do you do when your brother is really upset?


Comfort him, what else?


1500 England and a sleeping baby America. 

While I was looking up Albion for a recent pic. I read about Columbia one of America’s official female personifications. She first showed up in 1738 and by the time her image was pretty much retired 1920’s for the more favored Lady Liberty. Columbia Pictures made her their logo. 

Part 2 out of 3 
So originally I had it that America picked Russia to literately screw him over about his new anti gay laws. And England comments about how America is not the most  gay friendly either. But my buddie Kate though up the idea of capitalism and I went with it and came up with this.